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Brand Development

Brand Development & Management

From your logo and website to your social media presence and community outreach, every single opportunity to communicate with your customers is an opportunity to mold and shape your brand. When you integrate this approach with a laser-focused and well-defined idea of what you want your message and image to be, this translates to a brand strategy that delivers results.

At Wheelhouse, we don’t rush the branding process with our clients. We conduct company research to find what makes your company tick: who you are, where you’ve been and most certainly where you want to be. We then take this information, develop preliminary concepts, brainstorm and brainstorm again and then work collaboratively with our clients to determine a master brand strategy that defines the direction of each and every aspect of their marketing effort.


  • Logo Development
  • Development of target markets
  • Brand standards and guides
  • Stationary, business cards, vehicle wraps and signage
  • Development of slogans, lyrics and music hooks