The Creative Difference

The Creative Difference

People often say to creative people they wish they were more creative themselves.

They tell designers they used to draw but gave it up because they didn’t have enough time. They tell writers they’ve always wanted to write a novel — the idea is already in their head! — but they lack the talent to put it on paper. Or — my personal favorite — they tell photographers they know of a perfect picture that could make someone a lot of money.

All fear they lack the creativity to achieve their artistic dreams. What they really lack, however, is the willingness and desire to work hard at something they think is play.

All minds are creative. Some of those minds, though, get more practice than others. Ask any novelist how much time they spend at their craft. Ask the same of a designer or photographer, musician, song writer, watercolorist or sculptor. They will all tell you it is a full-time job. To be really good at any creative endeavor one must work at it and work hard. The great part of this kind of work is that as “creatives” we usually enjoy what we do, and that makes all the difference.

At Wheelhouse Creative our creative team is in a separate building from the employees who work on accounts, bookkeeping and placement. This is for one simple reason: Creatives function best in a creative environment surrounded by other creatives. Our humor is different. Our habits are different, and our conversations are wildly unique to fellow creatives. We are all here in our creative building where we can bounce creative ideas off one another all day long.

Were you to visit our creative building you might find us irreverent or even silly. Other times you would think you walked into any boardroom anywhere in the USA. You won’t find many suits or ties in my building. You’d be more likely to find a Dragon Ball Z T-shirt or that of World of Warcraft. In my office you will find stained glass and odd clock parts assembled in an awkward enough way to be visually appealing yet perfectly functional. We are creatives, and we make no excuses.

When it comes to campaign creation or development of a social media marketing strategy, you can bet your eyeteeth you will want the room full of creatives. The same goes for hashtag development, slogans, lyrics, music hooks, animations, websites, logos, photography, direct mail, magazine ads, outdoor designs or any advertising or marketing piece your company may need. All of this comes from our Wheelhouse creative department and is packaged nicely and professionally for the end user.

Now, don’t be surprised when we come to visit you and you can’t tell who our creative members are. Cleaned and wearing a jacket we look just like you.

That’s in part because we ARE just like you. Some of us just practice more so we can help the rest.


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