Rick Palkovic

Rick Palkovic, a senior graphic designer at Wheelhouse, has expert marketing experience in many fields including higher education, healthcare, retail/food, political, hospitality, finance and industry to name a few. Rick has developed marketing for a wide variety of clients, businesses and industries. Most importantly, he is a strategic thinker and is instrumental in developing branding and advertising ideas that are part of a finely tuned marketing plan.

Because he has so many years in various areas of marketing, Rick understands the nuances of a client’s needs. That means he can spend his time on creative that is unique to a client’s individual goals.

A nationally acclaimed award-winning designer, Rick oversees and executes the concept and design of print ads, billboards, websites, brochures, ad campaigns, logos and direct mail pieces with a record of success that is unparalleled. He is strong in 3-D promotional materials as well as trade show displays. He has an eye for detail and creates the process in the design department from initial concept to finalized pieces.

16 Cypress Avenue, Wheeling, WV 26003

One Gateway Center, 420 Fort Duquesne Blvd., Suite 1875, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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