Branding You

Branding You

After many months, weeks and days of planning, I finally tied the knot! One thing that I had been looking forward to was my new last name. While I have received the compliment (from more than one person) that the name Olivia Morgan sounds like a movie star name, I can’t even begin count the number of times I have been called just Morgan instead of Olivia. I am happy to share that I officially no longer have two first names. However, getting to this point was not the easiest process.

Have you ever tried to change your last name? I hadn’t either until a couple weeks ago. You have to have a number of items to prove your identity: A current social security card, driver’s license, birth certificate, proof of address on a piece of mail and last but not least your marriage license. All of a sudden, changing my last name was not as fun, or easy as I imagined it would be. Once all of my documents were gathered, I found myself waiting a very long time in the social security office, praying that I had everything I needed after waiting such a long time. It would take seven to ten business days for my new social security card to arrive. I joked that I was not Olivia Morgan nor Olivia Silverio during that time…I was stuck with just Olivia. As told, my new card arrived, and I was on to the next step- a new driver’s license.

Getting a new driver’s license required all of the same documents, so it was not as daunting as the aforementioned. Once again, I am in limbo of names being that I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new driver’s license. With the upcoming changes, I opted for Ohio’s new compliant driver’s license and identification card that is mailed out instead of printed at the BMV. As I sit back and think about how I am nearing the end of my name changing process, I can’t help but to compare it to branding.

Each and every brand has an identity. Sometimes these identities are strong, but sometimes the brand loses its identity and needs a re-brand to get back on track. At Wheelhouse Creative, we enjoy each and every opportunity to work with you and your brand. Whether it is building brand identities from scratch or giving your brand a makeover with a modernized logo, new business cards, envelopes, or website, we work with you to determine a consistent, top-notch brand strategy. Speaking of consistency, I should start working on my new signature. If you think your brand is ready for a new identity, small or big, check out some of our workand give us a call!

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