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Behind the Scenes | VFX

Bordas & Bordas

Television Commercial | Answering the Call

Part 2 of the “Bad Things” Super Bowl series continued where the original left off. It had Jamie Bordas on his way out of the “Law Cave” when he receives a call for an insurance bad faith case. As the door opens, the Bordas signal is showing in the sky, and he leaves to answer the call and fight for justice.

Final Commercial
Visual FX Breakdown

Behind the Scenes | Interviews

See the wizardry that goes into the making of a Bordas and Bordas Super Bowl ad. There’s often more to it than meets the eye, as the Wheelhouse production crew explains.

Television Commercial | Super Bowl Part 3

Most people assumed that we used a car mount camera system on Jamie Bordas’ vehicle for part 3 of the Super Bowl ad series. Not so. The vehicle was parked in the studio and never moved an inch. The reflections, backgrounds and movement were all added in post, along with the batman-like dashboard display. Why? A studio shoot takes less time, requires no night shoots or road closures, and zero permits. And let’s not forget the most important reason… because we can. 

Final Commercial
Visual FX Breakdown

Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration

Television Commercial | Golf Disaster

This has to be the most amazing (and destructive) hole in one ever. Perhaps WVU Golf coach Sean Covich is just that good. No homes were actually harmed by golf balls traveling at Mach 5 in the creation of this commercial. Creativity + the right production team + a bit of talent = anything can happen on screen.
Special thanks to Panhandle Cleaning and Restoration for turning us loose to have a bit of fun on this one. Should this ever happen to you, don’t forget to call the folks at Panhandle to clean up the mess!
Final Commercial
Visual FX Breakdown