Share A Coke

Coke is it! Have a Coke and a Smile! Everyone has heard of Coca-Cola, right? Just when you think that a company couldn’t do any more to market its product, Coca-Cola rolled out its “Share a Coke with ….” Campaign. It is brilliant. It has people searching for that can of Coke that precisely describes the person they are with or the person they want to be.

Drinking a Coke isn’t just to quench your thirst anymore, but it is also now for being funny with friends, hitting on a member of the opposite sex, or just plain making someone happy. It also demonstrates that every company can make its product more marketable.

It is amazing how so many business leaders think they can’t garner any more market share. Many decide to just maintain the status quo. What they don’t realize is that an effective marketing campaign conceived by and executed by creative minds that come up with an idea that is outside the box can really have a positive effect on the bottom line. After all, if Coke is still trying to effectively and creatively market its product, shouldn’t that be a lesson?

As a business leader myself, I am always looking for ways to make my product better. But, I also know that it doesn’t matter how good my product is if people don’t know how good it is or if they aren’t reminded of how good it is. That is where an advertising agency that is willing to understand your product, know your clientele and is willing to push the envelope and take some calculated creative risks can come into play the most to effectively market your product.

I am proud of the work that Wheelhouse Creative has been able to accomplish for our clients in thinking outside the box and marketing so many wonderful products and services. We will certainly continue to look for new and creative ways to serve our present and future clients. And remember, just when you think you can’t do any more to market your product, go ahead and “Share a Coke with a Dreamer!”

Share a Coke with a Dreamer