WVU, ESPN+ and hot-and-sour soup

WVU, ESPN+ and hot-and-sour soup

The email hit my inbox mid-spoon of my hot-and-sour soup at lunch today, Monday, Sept. 9.

The missive said WVU’s football game against Kansas in Lawrence on Sept. 21 will be aired on Big 12 Now on ESPN+.

It didn’t take long for a question after I tweeted the news.

“I didn’t think that would start until next season,” said a caller, who shall remain nameless because she lives with me and holds much sway over my happiness.

I texted WVU associate athletic director Matt Wells.

“OK, Lucy, you have some ‘splainin’ to do!”

I thought Matt told me there wouldn’t be any changes TV-wise this season. I thought he said if WVU’s games weren’t on the normal Fox, ESPN, ESPN2, etc., they’d be on AT&T Sports, aka the old Root, for this year.

Apparently, I wasn’t listening intently enough.

“Is this Ricky Ricardo?” came the call.

It was Wells, who ‘splained to me the reference centered on Mountaineers’ HOME games. That WVU’s Big 12 away games – with the exception of Oklahoma – are subject to being on ESPN+.

“You’re just determined to make me buy one of those fire sticks, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, Ricky, I am,” he chuckled.

So get used to it, WVU fans. Big 12 Now and ESPN+ are going to be part of your life, at least if you want to catch all the Mountaineer action.

Oh, and this upcoming Kansas game? It’s the first toe dip.

Remember how games on ESPNU were once foreign? How it took some getting used to before becoming just another station?

That’s what the Kansas game is.

So if you’re a hard-core Mountaineer fan, say hello to ESPN+.

Meanwhile, I’ll be trying to figure out fire sticks.

It’s always fun to check out the list of WVU Sports Hall of Fame inductees. Many I covered and got to know off the court/field.

Of course, I wrote much about 2019 inductee Steve Dunlap, who was a fine Mountaineer assistant football coach. But did you know he once had 28 tackles in a WVU game against Boston College? Ask him. I promise he’ll tell you.

The rest of the class is Meg Bulger (women’s basketball), Vertus Jones (wrestling), Darryl Prue (men’s basketball), Lisa Stoia (women’s soccer), John Thornton (football), Dr. Stefan Thynell (rifle) and Pete White (men’s basketball/track & field).

Thornton is a favorite because of his 10-year NFL career, but also his new vocation as an agent.

Perhaps the most deserving 2019 inductee, though, is Greg Jones, the brother of Vertus.

All Greg did was win three NCAA wrestling championships. His record was 126-4. InterMat once named him one of the Top 10 College Wrestlers of the 2000s, behind only Iowa State’s Cael Sanderson (now the head coach at Penn State) and Fresno State’s Stephen Abas.

Impressive resume. And, in case you’re wondering, Greg Jones is now working with the Blackzilians as an MMA trainer.

Have a great week.


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