Why Blogs with Original Copy Are Best for Your Business

Why Blogs with Original Copy Are Best for Your Business

Creating blogs can be time consuming. Sometimes it is difficult to come up with original content. I am sure every company has thought about just grabbing some content from another blog. This can save you time, but did you know that Google could potentially penalize your site for doing just that? That’s why original content is king.

Having your website penalized can cause you to come up short when consumers are performing an organic web search. Instead of coming up as one of the first page listings in Google, your business can potentially be buried. Also, if you keep copying from different websites, Google could possibly remove your site from their results, which would be a very bad thing for your site. The purpose of blogs is to increase web traffic to your site, not shrink it. 

With that said, Google is very smart and will determine the original creator of the copied blog content and will reward that site with a successful rank. In other words, if you copy content you will get no mileage out of it and it could potentially hurt your web presence.

Coming up with unique and creative content that engages your clientele will drive traffic to your website with the hopes of converting that traffic into leads. A blog will give your company a human voice and let the general public see into your business’s personality. By doing this you create a stronger bond with your clients and hopefully repeat customers. Creating a high-quality blog will help increase the value of your site, in turn creating more value in your business. It is a win-win.

If you are having trouble coming up with unique, creative content for your blog, give Wheelhouse a call and let us help you come up with a marketing plan and some creative writing for your company.

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