To Ink or Not to Ink – That is a Personal Preference

To Ink or Not to Ink – That is a Personal Preference

Sixteen was the age of my first tattoo experience. But as bad as that sun and moon (with some Thomas the Train-esk features) may have turned out, I was hooked. I enjoy all types of tattoos, my personal collection is an array of milestones in my life, moments that I never want to forget or reminders of people who have influenced my life in remarkable ways. Being able to express the type of person I am and what I believe in through art is who I am. Tattoos don’t just help me express my personality, they help me define it.

Being in the creative industry is a unique lifestyle which has helped influence me to become a visual character. I look at things differently in life – some days I see beautiful art on billboards other days I see the spacing between letters and I think to myself, well that particular designer forgot to pay attention to their kerning and I want to scream. Either way, being able to visually express myself with tattoos is something that I adore.

Now trying to decide whether to ink or not to ink, that is definitely a personal preference. I would suggest researching different parlors and, obviously, the artists. They have a saying in the industry – cheap tattoos are no good and good tattoos are not cheap. These are words to live by and if you want a lasting beautiful piece most definitely do your research. A lot of times if you have an idea of what you want, go to the artists and give them a concept, print off the styles that you personally like and let them be the artist. They will do their best work if you give them room to do what they do best, tattoos.

Painful? Absolutely… but with personally 40-plus hours sitting in that chair, I get to carry a badge of courage and pride that I can wear on my skin for the rest of my life. You walk away with an everlasting keepsake that nobody can take from you.

If getting inked is something you have been thinking about, but you are on the fence, if you go through with it and decide that it is not for you, there is always tattoo removal, so you have options, but if you are anything like me you will be hooked for years to come!

Tattoo Statistics below to help you make your decision slightly easier!

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