Brandi Waligura

At Wheelhouse Creative, Brandi Waligura is an account executive who specializes in branding. In real life, she is a bona fide taco enthusiast who would eat them for every meal of every day if she were able. She got her start in marketing during her collegiate studies and eventually translated her skills into her professional endeavors. At her previous appointment, she was the brawn behind the brains in the creative department.

She is an Ohio Valley native who prefers winter to summer (what?) and has vowed to never move south (seriously?). She either misunderstands or has never heard of virtually every aspect of pre-1990s pop culture and her agency cohorts exploit this particular ignorance to no end. She and her golf-obsessed fiancé proudly co-parent a rescued Chinese Crested Powderpuff named Bogey who boasts the world’s craziest bedhead ever.

Outside of the office, you can find her at any shopping mall within a 150-mile radius perusing for rustic home décor, sensible business-casual apparel and taco ingredients.

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