Media Buying and Placement

Successful media buying means research and a comprehensive understanding of the target market, the overall brand strategy and the goal of the campaign. We help you get phones to ring. We make widgets fly off the shelves. We motivate consumers of media to act. And let’s be honest. People don’t consume media singularly. They are watching TV and checking their phone, listening to the radio while surfing the net. We know this. We plan for this and we execute media buying better than anyone in the business. We take time to get to know our client and their consumers and then we place their ads where they will have the most impact. You want the right message, for the right consumer, at exactly the right time. With thousands of viewing and listening options, media consumption is done on a destination basis.

The era of sitting down and watching one network, listening to one radio station, or reading the morning paper from cover to cover has been replaced with multiple devices delivering multiple messages to your customers every minute. The ability to cut through the clutter and deliver your message becomes more challenging everyday. If your media buyer is just running rotators because they are “inexpensive and you’ll probably get some good spots somewhere in the mix”, in fact they are being lazy or don’t know how to identify and reach your customer.


We take the time to research the demographics and psychographics of your business in order to place media where it will be seen by your target audience.

Delivery Vehicles

Wheelhouse will identify specific delivery vehicle or vehicles to broadcast your message and achieve maximum reach of the targeted audience.

MAX Value

Our goal is to deliver maximum value for your money, not necessarily lowest rates for your advertising.

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