Marketing to Sports Fans

Marketing to Sports Fans

Those of us at Wheelhouse Creative aren’t just marketing/advertising experts, but, like many of you, sports fans as well. And if you’re a business in the Wheeling, West Virginia, area, this is a time when the two intersect.

As you may know, this coming Saturday will be a special day for six high school football teams in the Mountain State. The reason: They will realize their goal, their dream, to reach next weekend’s Super Six. That’s an opportunity for the schools and players to ultimately win a state title. Yet it’s also an opportunity for businesses to use the swift, nimble Wheelhouse Creative to reach potential customers.

Yes, each player, coach and cheerleader will have much of their itineraries laid out by the Super Six committee and school administrators. Yet friends and families will start scrambling to make hotel reservations. They’ll be wanting suggestions, ideas, in regard to local restaurants and hot spots.

Will your business pop into their minds?

Do you know how to reach fans in, say, Fairmont, Doddridge County or Martinsburg?

We do.

We know how to digitally target those customers, those fans of high school football to make sure they know you’re there. Make sure you’re there when they search “What is the best restaurant in Wheeling, WV?” Would you like them to see your business on Facebook when they log on during the championship week? We’ll make sure that happens. It’s what we do.

It’s an opportunity for the teams. And it’s an opportunity for local businesses.

Give us a call at 304-905-6005. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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