Manning Rides Off Into the Sunset

Manning Rides Off Into the Sunset

If this was Peyton Manning’s last hurrah, and it, in all likelihood was, he certainly didn’t screw it up.1,w=559,c=0.bild

Manning, certainly a shell of what he once was, helped guide the Denver Broncos to the Super Bowl 50 championship with a 24-10 victory over the favored Carolina Panthers.

He was the oldest quarterback (39) to ever start a Super Bowl, and he played like it. But the Broncos top-ranked defense seemed to play inspired to get their sure-fire, first-ballot Hall of Fame QB his NFL-record 200th win in the process. It was certainly tough to watch Manning pass for a mere 141 yards with no touchdowns. He also lost a fumble and threw an interception.

As I sat and watched the game with my wife I found myself rooting more and more for Manning, who has been the face of the NFL since he came into the league. It was kind of like watching the old man skate through the game and not make the big mistake, and his defense bailed him out with one of the most dominant performances in SB history.

Manning has never been linked to any scandals, has always had the golden spoon treatment and is always very cordial in any interviews I’ve seen from him. I’m happy for him winning his second Super Bowl ring, now he’s tied with brother Eli (NY Giants) and will be in Canton in five years giving his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

I was kind of surprised to hear Peyton talk about having a few Budweiser beers on two separate occasions in his post-game comments. After all, we’ve never heard him say anything along those line, but the NFL pitch man has a stake in a few Budweiser distributors in Louisiana. And he was not paid by Budweiser to mention them.

Super Bowl 50 was more about “Miller time” than Bud. Broncos defensive end Von Miller, the second overall selection in the 2011 NFL Draft behind Panthers QB Cam Newton. Miller made the game’s two biggest plays, strip-sacking Newton twice—one turned into the Broncos’ first touchdown in the first quarter, the other led to the final touchdown in the fourth quarter.

Manning rides off into the sunset as a multiple Super Bowl winner, but it wasn’t even close to a masterpiece. It was about Miller and the reincarnated “Orange Crush” taking the title. Manning, who Brock Osweiler’s back-up at the end of the season, played 18 years in the league and has had multiple neck surgeries, was just lucky to be on board.

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