Joe Jacobs
Graphic Designer

Joe is the lead graphic and web designer at Wheelhouse. He has an extensive and diverse background in all things media, from print and web design to television commercial direction and production.

An Ohio Valley native and former local business owner, Joe understands the area and its businesses. He uses his super-human powers, along with his design and marketing experience to help translate solutions for our clients in every genre of media. When not spearheading the design department here at Wheelhouse, he spends his time drinking coffee, breaking guitar strings and rushing to the assistance of old ladies crossing streets.

Joe is a guitar player, avid music fan, and bacon connoisseur. He enjoys long walks in zero gravity and anything coffee flavored.


Specialties: Graphic Design, Web Design, Video and Audio Production, Coffee Consumption


Wheeling, WV • 304-905-6005
Pittsburgh, PA • 412-291-8971

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