Don Feenerty
Creative Director

Don Feenerty, has spent the last 30 years as a professional photographer. From commercial work to the most detailed and emotional shots, he’s pretty much done and seen it all. He’s not opposed to lighting things on fire, turning the place upside down and compromising even his own well-being to get what the client needs. The client comes first always. Even if it means you have to get a little dirty.

He also helps steer the ship here at Wheelhouse, working alongside senior management to keep the creative folks on task. He’s exceptionally good at this job from his years of experience living and working his own functional farm. If you can herd cats, and goats (the ones that faint nonetheless), and sheep and donkeys, well, you can manage a team of creatives. It would be really amusing, however, if our creative team fainted every time Don got them spooked.

Our token gluten-free employee, Don pretty much can’t eat anything that the rest of the staff enjoys so while the rest of Wheelhouse chows down on pastries and other various goodies, Don sits solemnly alongside and nibbles a carrot or two. He’s also rumored to be a pretty decent dancer and proudly owns not one, but several pairs of lederhosen.


Specialties: Lighting, Photography, Making Goats Faint



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