Snack Reviews: Utz Poker Mix

Snack Reviews: Utz Poker Mix

During my biweekly trip to the snack aisle for various office munchies, I stumbled upon Utz’s new snack blend. Now, it may not be “new” but at my location it is new. So, here’s the low down on this spicy snack mix:

Utz’s Poker Mix is comprised by a blend of:
• Mini Pretzel Twists
• Stubby Pretzel Rods
• Rice Crackers (traditional and spicy)
• Honey Sesame Chips
• Wasabi Peas
• Chili Cheese Twists
• Cajun Sticks

As a huge fan of Utz’s Pub Mix, the Poker Mix secured its position in my cart. The claim to fame with the Poker Mix is that it offers Ultimate Blend with a touch of Spice. “The Ultimate Blend” is a bold statement, Utz. During this review, we’ll see just how ultimate this blend actually is.

Allow me to start with the price. At the local Giant Eagle, a 1lb. 7oz. barrel is just under $5.00; a very competitive price for the quantity. The spiciness of this mix is spot on. It’s not overbearing, nor is it too weak. The traditional rice crackers and honey sesame chips offset the spiciness of the wasabi peas and the spicy rice crackers. So, the blend offers that sweet/salty/spicy combination without a mouth of fire between handfuls. It is easy to tell which are the spicy pieces by the red color of the spicy rice crackers. Just be carful of the Wasabi Peas as they are tiny and green but pack a big punch! Avoid grabbing too many of these at once and try to diversify your handfuls with a balanced variety of each ingredient. The Chili Cheese Twists and Cajun Sticks offer a blast of flavor on top of this already flavor-bursting mix and the pretzels act as filler that tie this blend together.

The only critique I have about this mix is that the pretzel to chip/twist/stick ratio is a little off. This is a common problem with many snack mixes such as General Mills Chex Mix and Utz’s Pub Mix, in which I am left with a quarter barrel of pretzels to feed my dog. While it seems like Utz toned down the pretzel quantity in the Poker Mix, it is still a bit high due to the two different styles of pretzels. With that being said, I’d rate the Utz Poker Mix a solid:

4.5 out of 5 stars 

Keep on snackin’.


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