The Agency Advantage

For the past couple of years, my law firm has advertised on television, radio, and billboards. Before that, we basically just had ads in the phone book. During the past two years or so, I came to realize how important it is to have a team of professionals who are constantly examining the message that is being conveyed to the public to ensure that they are receiving the proper one.

No matter how intelligent or educated the lawyers at my firm might be, if that message doesn’t resonate with the public, then it is all for naught. After all, when it comes down to it, the people at my firm are lawyers. They are very good lawyers. But, most of them have not studied marketing or advertising to any significant degree. This is also true of other professions and businesses as well. Doctors are good at practicing medicine. Banks are good at handling money.   Auto dealerships are good at selling cars and trucks. No matter how well they know their businesses and what message they may want to convey to the public, they are not well-trained in how to best communicate that message.

Furthermore, that message has to permeate everything that you do. It is not enough to just come up with a message and/or a television commercial and then simply leave it up to an agency to go buy or place the commercials. To really have the proper message and communicate that message in the right way, it is essential for a business to hire a full-scale advertising agency that understands and appreciates your business and is involved in every aspect of that message from start to finish. This is critical to having an integrated marketing approach which incorporates and utilizes all of the available methods for communicating that message from traditional media such as print, television, and radio to newer or perhaps often times less-considered methods such as social media, events, and corporate sponsorships and partnerships.

In fact, I believe this to be so critical that I actually founded a full-scale advertising agency, Wheelhouse Creative. Founding this company and putting together a team of individuals that can handle all aspects of my firm’s marketing, including the creation, development, and communication of the proper message has not only already paid significant dividends for my law firm, but it has now also already helped many other businesses in the same way.

Wheelhouse has creative thinkers who are well-versed in branding, ad design, web design, video production, media placement, photography, event planning, corporate partnerships, and social media management. It makes me proud when I see all of this talent come together to produce an exceptional marketing campaign for a business or organization.

What makes me even more proud is the manner in which they do it. They get to know their clients. They sit down with them and understand the businesses they work with to learn what makes that business special so that they can deliver a unique message for each client that resonates with the public. After all, each business is unique in some way. However, businesses need help in determining what it is about their company that the public will crave. An advertising agency that simply relies upon the business itself to determine what that message should be is leaving a lot of stones unturned and a lot of potential revenue out there for that business.

The goal of Wheelhouse Creative is to allow businesses to focus on what they know best, whether that be taking care of patients, loaning money, or selling cars, while we do what we do best which is letting everyone else know why your business should be the one that they choose. In doing this, we are selling the sizzle that is helping so many businesses to bring home the bacon!